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We are extremely satisfied to officially announce our latest co-operation with the Indian company Transpek-Silox mainly in the field of Zinc Dust, in the Greek market, where we'll be acting as agents. TSIL (Transpek Silox Industry Private Limited) is a joint venture of the Belgian Silox Group and the Indian Transpek company.

Transpek-Siilox has attained a dominant presence in the Indian and Global markets through continual innovation as well as contemporary technology. TSIL's product ranges includes Zinc Dust, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate and many more products

The key uses of Zinc Dust is as an anti-corrosive agent in a wide range of protective coatings such as industrial, marine and yacht coatings. It also finds application as an intermediate for drug manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

For futher information you can visit Transpek-Silox's dedicated section in our website or you can visit Transpek-Silox's website