From a humble beginning in 1969 as a small family company in Busan, the second largest city of Korea, UK SEUNG Chemical has developed over decades to a global operating pigment manufacturer, while always preserving its flexibility and market oriented approach.

From a strong market leader position in the Korean domestic market, the focus over the last years was to grow on the potential export markets, especially targeting the European Union. In 2008, UK SEUNG Europe GmbH was founded in Germany as a subsidiary responsible for the European business and as the Only representative taking care of the REACH registration. Meanwhile with an excellent logistic set up in Belgium and Germany as well as a performing range of products for the various industrial applications and valuable local sales partners, UK SEUNG Chemical foresees to become a reliable and potential supply source for the European industry.

Today the Panax Color brand is a synonym for quality, consistency, reliability and regulatory compliancy. It comprises of the following main product lines:

  • Panax Daylight fluorescent pigments
  • Panax Organic pigments
  • Panax Inorganic Pigments

UK SEUNG Chemical has promoted to a leading manufacturer of Daylight fluorescent pigments and offers with the series Panax (U)FB, Panax FL/FP, Panax PA or Panax FWB the best suitable product range for all kind of applications.

In organic pigments, UK SEUNG Chemical is specialized in azo-pigments, in particular azo yellows and reds for the ink, coating and plastic industry. As the industry is facing always more and more severe regulatory requirements, the company has strongly focused on making the products not only compliant but trying to be ahead of the limits, anticipating a growing concern for more pure products. Especially for the Panax pigments, that are used for indirect food contact in packaging inks, the free amine concentration is monitored and controlled for every production batch and further R&D work is aiming to achieve pigments with free amine levels beyond the detection limits.

UK SEUNG Chemical is entirely dedicated to its customers and will focus all its efforts to continuously improve and optimize the quality and the competitiveness of its products and its services.