FREDCOLOR S.L. is a company producing dispersions, granules as well as supplying pigments and dyes to a wide range of Industries such as: Paints, Varnishes, Plastics, Rubber, Food, Cosmetics, Detergency, Glass Coatings, etc.

Our large experience brings our company to the forefront of the color processing. Fredcolor S.L. fulfils the demands of the different industries where colors are required. The needs from the highly sophisticated markets have driven our company to make sure we have the right equipment to be able to produce and meet the technical requirements from our customers which are spread worldwide. The technology developed by our R+D department complies with the highest standards from our customers.

In FREDCOLOR S.L., with the spirit of a family-owned company we try to provide to each one of our customers the most suitable products. We can only do this through innovation. For us, to offer excellence through our service is a must as well as to always give through our products a stable quality. These are the main reasons as to
why FREDCOLOR S.L. is growing in the different fields we are present at.

FREDCOLOR S.L.' product range:


  • EMULPAST: Water Base Pigment Dispersion, high pigment concentration, low viscosity and highly stable
  • ALQUIPAST: Solvent Base Pigment Dispersions, highly concentrated and very stable
  • VERSAPAST: Liquid pigment dispersions for water and solvent based decorative paints
  • PURPAST: Pigment dispersions for polyurethane foam
  • PURPAST UP: Pigment dispersions for unsaturated polyesters: SMC,BMC,UP.
  • SILPAST: Pigment dispersions for silicones
  • AUTOPAST-LIPOPAST: Dye and pigment dispersions and solutions in liquid form for soaps and fuel tinting
  • COSMEPAST: Liquid water based pigment dispersions for cosmetic applications, such as soap bars mfg
  • SOLPAST: Liquid dispersions for plastisols and organosols


  • ORGAPLAST: Organic pigments
  • INORPLAST: Inorganic pigments
  • MEDIPLAST: “Tailor-made ”Pigment Blends


  • ORGAPLAST: Organic pigments
  • INORPLAST: Inorganic pigments
  • FREDGUM: Elastomer based master batches with high pigment level concentration


  • Organic pigments
  • Inorganic pigments
  • Dry pigment blends
  • Technical advice for the total color automation


  • INORPINT, MEDIPINT: Coloring of dry cement, and other building raw materials.