Refineries are constantly looking for improvements in their turnaround time while minimizing the overall costs, but not at the expense of safety and environment.

CatConsult is a company which provides high value expertise to refineries worldwide by providing a wide range of services and customized solutions.

The quality of the catalyst change-out in conjunction with all the mechanical work inside the reactor could have a significant impact on the reactor performance and consequently the cycle length of the unit.

Knowledge of catalysts, loading methods, reactor internals and safety and environment combined with project management skills and a high service level are essential to optimal catalyst loading. CatConsult offers loading supervision and various services around catalyst. CatConsult can supervise the catalyst unloading, advise and witness the catalyst sampling procedure and even provide refiners with solutions for their spent catalyst.

CatConsult is offering turnaround management service, including

  • Change-out planning and site preparation
  • Selection service providers 
  • Catalyst handling
  • Dense loading
  • Mechanical work
  • Logistics
  • Packaging
  • On-site coordination and supervision
  • Managing the sub-contractors
  • Daily reporting
  • Transfer of waste catalysts

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