CTP environnement group

For 60 years, CTP environnement group has been developing and deploying chemical cleaning solutions to meet the growing needs of every industries that use thermal equipment. With more than 1000 operations a year through the world, CTP environnement group is a renowned expert to return industrial thermal equipment to a level of performance that is close to its nominal value.

Our chemical cleaning processes with or without stopping production:

Decamex® : air side cleaning of air-cooled heat exchangers and air-cooled condensers

Neutramex® : fire side cleaning of furnaces and boilers

Neutrol® : fire side cleaning of furnaces and boilers

Optiflow® process : water side online cleaning of heat exchangers

Internal chemical treatment: water & process side cleaning of industrial equipment (descaling, degreasing, scouring, deoxidation, decontamination and passivation)

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The mobile treatment units developed by CTP environnement group, enable problematic effluent to be cost-effectively treated on site: cleaning effluents (chemical, high pressure, etc.), draining systems (technical shut-downs, etc.), draining tanks and pits, decontamination sites, landfill leachates, fire-fighting water, specific pollutants…

Response to emergency situations as well as working in a more sustained manner, or during scheduled maintenance operations, our mobile units represent innovative solutions for bypassing equipment.

A wide range of treatments: physico-chemical, biological, oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, dewatering, skimming and de-oiling

Website: CTP environnement group