Reactor Resources (RxR) is a leading supplier of sulfur chemicals and sulfiding injection services for refinery and petrochemical applications.  RxR was formed in 2011 in the USA with the goal of establishing a new standard in sulfiding.  With now >300 successful sulfiding jobs done in the Americas, RxR recently expanded into Europe and the Middle East.

With over 250 years of cumulative experience in catalyst sulfiding, hydrotreating catalysis, and on-site catalyst services, our team is uniquely qualified to assist you with your sulfiding and sulfur chemical needs.  We provide turn-key sulfiding services, including the supply and delivery of the sulfur chemistry, rental of patented injection equipment, and fully trained operation personnel.  We supply Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS)  and Tertiary Butyl Polysulfide (TBPS 454) for catalyst sulfiding. RxR is a proud partner of ChevronPhillips Chemical Company (CP Chem) for the supply of thiochemicals to the Refinery & Petrochemical industries

WEBSITE: Reactor Resources