Oil-Dri has a history of over 25 years as a leading fluids purification media producer, with the following product lines:

Pure-Flo® products offer edible oil refiners processing aids to produce clean, clear, quality oils. Pure-Flo offers three product families; Natural™, Supreme™, and Perform® to provide refiners with a range of performance options depending on oil type, quality and process.

Select® is a specially modified, natural silicate for the removal of soaps, metals and phospholipids to help in the production of clean, quality edible oils and biodiesel feedstock that meet the most demanding specifications.

Ultra-Clear® is a high-performance adsorbent media that removes polar compounds in jet fuel to assure it meets product specifications such as thermal stability, microseparometer, and water reaction. Ultra-Clear granules have a large, highly active surface area that adsorbs oil soluble surfactants, organometallic compounds such as copper-complexes, and particulate matter that would jeopardize jet fuel specifications.

The attributes that make Ultra-Clear granules a high-performance jet fuel treatment solution readily lend themselves to other applications. Ultra-Clear effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids, and waxes.