Euro Support is a major supplier and technical leader of Claus and tail gas catalysts. We offer the full sulphur recovery package backed up by free high quality technical support.

Thanks to our primary focus on sulphur recovery processes we can offer our clients the high flexibility and fast responsiveness that is required for these applications to ensure our clients can confidently operate their sulphur recovery unit.

Euro Support has over 25 years of experience in the sulphur recovery businesses and has represented the Claus sulphur recovery catalysts of LaRoche, and later UOP, in Europe. In 2010 Euro Support took over the Claus business from UOP entirely.

Since then all development, production, and technical support is done in-house. We offer a full sulphur recovery package comprising catalysts, oxygen scavengers, and bed support backed up by free high quality technical support including spent catalyst analysis, unit optimisation and troubleshooting assistance